1st gen iPhone vs 2nd gen Touch

Discussion in 'iPhone 2G' started by Knox, Oct 1, 2008.

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    Oct 1, 2008

    Can't decide which one to get. The reason I'm comparing the 1st gen iPhone instead of the 2nd gen, is because the 2nd gen iPhone is out of my price range.

    Option 1: Get an iPhone (1st gen) off of ebay. Jailbreak it. Functions like an iPod Touch accept it has a camera. I'm not actually going to be using it as a phone, the only reason I would choose this option is because I want the camera. Another drawback with this option is that I'm voiding any kind of warranty from Apple by jailbreaking it, and as far as I know.. you can't reverse that. I'll also be stuck with the aluminum backside instead of the new curved/black backside. Also -- can you even upgrade the firmware on a jailbroken iPhone via iTunes? Or will iTunes deny it if it's jailbroken? Not to mention i can't seem to find a set/average price on a 1st gen iPhone.

    Yays: Functions the same as an iPod Touch, but WITH the camera.
    Nays: Old style backside (aluminum), voids warranty/support, may have trouble upgrading firmware later on? May cost a bit more?

    Option 2: iPod Touch (current gen). Has everything I want as far as software goes (wifi, music, apps), but will not have a camera. I would be sacrificing the camera, but I would also have the warranty. I would also get the newer/sleeker backside.

    Yays: Warranty, newer design, no problems upgrading the firmware later on.
    Nays: No camera.

    Edit: Most ebay auctions for 1st gen iPhones are anywhere from $250 to $400.
    Edit: Anybody know where I could buy a 1st gen iPhone besides ebay?