What Are Your Favorite Podcasts?

Discussion in 'Watercooler' started by blue frog, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. blue frog

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    Jun 28, 2008

    The categories I seem to gravitate to are iPhone/Mac related and technology news.

    Two of my current favorites are Mac OS Ken and "You look nice today."

    Mac OS Ken is anywhere from 8 to 20 minutes long and I find it tight (not a lot of wasted time), informative and entertaining. Ken Ray (he rocks!) always seems to have the inside angle on what's happening with iPhone news as well as items relating to the Mac world.

    I just recently subscribed to "You look nice today." It is a comedy podcast and whenever I had heard of it, it was always highly rated. However, it is definitely not rated for kids. Since it so new to me, I have not yet formed a firm rating but it does seem to be interesting; it is obvious that the people involved with this do have some comedic talent.

    So, now it's your turn. Please share some of your podcast choices here.