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Discussion in 'Watercooler' started by blue frog, Jun 29, 2008.

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    Jun 28, 2008

    I did not think much of the integrated iPod when I bought my 2G 16GB iPhone. One day, after synching my iPhone and making sure my software was current, I decided to explore the iTunes website.

    Wow! I was deeply impressed that so much variety was available to me. I had no idea what a Pocast was. Basically, it is a download of either an audio or video program (like what you see on TV or listen to on your radio). Many are FREE--and that blew me away.

    As for myself, the categories I tend to focus on for my subscribed to podcasts (Yes, you can subscribe to many for free and they automatically start downloading when you initially connect to iTunes) are podcasts about Macs, iPhone, Technology, and Business.

    I would be interested in learning which podcasts you have subscribed to that you like and those that you don't care for at all.