Shipping to middle east??

Discussion in 'iPhone Discussion & Support' started by IPA, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. IPA

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    Feb 21, 2008

    Apple's website has a free shipping for the states but how about middle east?

    have anybody tried shipping an Iphone from Apple's website to his address in the middle east?
    and how much extra should he pay if there is any additional collection ?

    I'm welling to buy 5 Iphones can anybody hook me up with a good deal?
    I live in Bahrain and it would be great if someone came up with a good deal in Dubai or any Gulf country..
  2. artanag321

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    Mar 17, 2008

    Victim of Fraud that offering IPHONE for $250

    Please be attention about fraud that now people are offering product in cheap price and giving UK Nos., Apple IPHONE $250.

    This is to inform you all people, please don’t deal with those people they are thief they cheated with you.. I am victim of those spam gang that working on this kind of thing, I didn’t read all message and I lost my $1200 USD in this week. I saved these money from my salary. I earned $100 per month in my country with 5 brother and mother all depends on me. I invest to make a big profit but I lost everything. I tell you my experience how I been cheated.

    First they gave me UK address I asked them about phone no they gave me 447045735570 and person was Morgan Jones ( whom I talked about it and first I send £150 and ordered one Iphone cost of $250, after receiving that money he said I going fedex office and give you track no in 2 hours. After 5 hours he came back and excuse that fedex is not sending one phone in your country you have to order 3 and for that I will give you offer (buy 3 get 1 free). This time he gave me Nigera Address named Omooba Raymond, after confirmation again he said same after 2 hours I will giving you track number. Again after 5 hours he came back and this time new excuse, We had very big fight with fedex and finally we settle this matter with $400USD. I said I am not going to send then he said my manger is giving you $200 and you send $200, And gave me his manager e-mail address She said that this matter happen we have to solve it so for that I will give you $200 and you send $200 to morgan then we will send you parcel. I send that too, when I give him detail now he start talking about manager she is alone if you talk to her she will go with you on date and tell her about her picture, she is pretty, and I don’t think that picture was original. After that he said I will going fedex and will back…day passes this guy missing I called him he said, today I am not going to send you my manager didn’t came office yet when she come I will call you on yur cell. Whole day pass in night he called I was so happy that finally this is not spam I got those phone, he said come online, when I came online she was there, she said I told morgan to call you, I send yes what it is, she said: I got call from home my mum passed I have to go spain and I can’t help you in that so send morgan $200 and he will send you your parcel. I said this is not all that why you said it and she rudely said I am going, I talk to morgan on phone he said send money I will send you trust me(This was the bullshit that I did) I said I will send you day after tomorrow I have to arrange money he said okay. Next day I saw her manager online. On third day I send $200 (because I still hope for something) I asked about her manager he said he is fine. And again that hope I am going fedex office and today you will going to have this track no. after 5 hours his manager came online and she said she visited her home and everything is fine just in one day she went spain and everything. I tricked with them I want 25 piece of IPHONE but send me first this shipment. And now this lady offering me send me money for this 25 pieces cause fedex office is closed here I have to go another city where is our warehouse and they will send minimum 20-30. I abuse on this manager I know they are all same bustard. They all using this series of telephone no. 447045735570 I saw 447045735591 this no. too I think they have all chain no.

    Don’t Involve in it I hope my experience is good example for it… and if anyone have any help for me to return back those money or punishment for those people I am waiting for there advice.

    One of victim of that gang
  3. garykirsten63

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    Jun 30, 2009

    I am not sure about the shipping process deal directly from the apple's website. There are lots of other companies those will provide you with shipment in anywhere of the world. You have to order and pay online. One more thing is factory unlocked iphone is available now a days everywhere. why don't you try some of those. Those may be also available in your country too.