How to find IP address of an iPhone?

Discussion in 'iPhone Discussion & Support' started by bangarunaidu, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. bangarunaidu

    bangarunaidu Well-Known Member

    Nov 6, 2007

    Please tell me how to find out IP address of an iPhone?
    I went to General --> settings --> about I dint find it in there.
    I do not have Wifi, I connceted thru my EDGE( I mean thru my sim carrier).

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Patricia Davies

    Patricia Davies Member

    Jan 29, 2014

    your phone ip when you check it on websites like it's not your phone's ip. you have an ip when you browse the internet and another ip to connect to the 3g/4g network.. you can't know what is your ip assigned by the network unless you jailbreak the device or you have android.. or you have some kind of app.
    but I guess you don't need that .. you only need the ip the external world sees it.