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    Jan 4, 2008

    I understand that Flip4Mac is an application that allows a Mac user to play Windows Media Player-only files. I also understand that Windows Media Player 9 is available as a free download for Mac OS X users.

    Currently, the iPhone has no Windows Media Player compatibility, nor does it have a Flip4Mac download option.

    If the iPhone offered such capabilities, I may be able to watch the live tv player from this website:


    You need some Windows Media Player translation to get the live tv stream. CN8 is almost like CBS. It offers news, sports, interviews, cooking shows, and music specials, and although local, it is very handsome. Obviously, we'd all like the iPhone to carry a handsome Flash capability.

    If I can get the Flip4Mac or Windows Media Player on my iPhone, I will have a much more entertaining iPhone.

    Does anyone know if Apple's iPhone plans to offer 3rd-party support for Flip4Mac or Windows Media Player???