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    Sep 22, 2007

    Come on guys, O2's tariffs need addressing... I REALLY want to get an official iPhone but O2 cannot be serious about the price they are asking for the service they are delivering...

    - only 30% coverage... meaning how many of us get NOTHING in the months after launch (note: they didn't even have EDGE coverage at their own launch event in London! So how quick can they be sorting it?)

    - Inferior wifi service : Since T-Mobile have starbucks, airports, hotels, bars, restaurants etc etc etc where do cloud actually cover? This was clearly a last min attempt to make the rubbish EDGE coverage seem less, but doesn't do much to stop the majority of the UK having no coverage, once again!

    - Abismal allowances for texts and calls... the UK market is at a VERY advanced stage and with other tariffs offering MUCH more for the same price or less then they need to offer more... I'd happily pay it IF the texts and calls were realistic at least... I mean on camparable tariffs...

    these are to highlight but a few... including tariffs from O2 themselves, which just highlight what a joke the iPhone tariffs are.

    Also (we shall gloss over the legality of locking a phone in the EU especially one that isn't supplimented by the service provider) What you also have to remember is that these plans that are £35-£55 include a highly subsidised or FREE phone, often of comparable value to the beloved iPhone (don't get me wrong here - i think the iPhone price point is spot on) and thats why you pay more for the monthly tariff, because the service provider (O2 etc) subsidise the unit in exchange for the 12/18 month contract.

    Here we pay FULL price for the phone but still expect to also pay a full monthly rate... we should be getting cheaper tariffs because O2 don't have to subsidise the unit. OK so that rumoured 40% profit "share" with Apple is harsh, but hey, thats their screw up.. not our fault if their negotiators are rubbish is it?

    So basically I am lodging complaints and a petition with those compaints.

    I am taking it to O2 in one month and I am also writing to the press to highlight this issue (since they seem to enjoy mocking the iPhone price).

    So please, everyone who feels that O2 are being a little silly/downright outrageous with these deals, click, sign the petition and lets see what happens... it doesn't take long to register and it could make a difference..

    (oh and everyone who says "apple and O2 will only listen with revenues" and protest by not buying... thats not going to happen and I know that... but don't be so niaeve to think that customer complaints don't dictate policy change, especially very noisy ones :)... I have spent many years in companies and it is just this kind of thing that can make a difference. The point is not to get immediate change but for them to reconsider and perhaps alter them after Nov 9th to more reasonable deals... everyone would benefit.)