It’s all about YOU as you become an iPhone Development Master

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    Jul 30, 2009

    The Voices That Matter: iPhone Developers Conference isn’t just any other iPhone event. It’s two days of going deep into the skills you need to acquire to become a master at iPhone application development.

    YOU choose the sessions that fit your interests; YOU choose to participate in discussions with the speakers that intrigue you; YOU meet fellow developers who have “been-there, done-that”; YOU build your own conference roadmap to get the very most out of this unique event.

    Terrific authors and experts have already confirmed their participation in this event! We’re excited to have these iPhone, Mac and Cocoa greats joining us:

    • Erica Sadun
    • Marcus Zarra
    • Steve Kochan
    • Dan Grover
    • August Trometer
    • Daniel Jalkut
    • Bill Dudney
    • Erik Buck
    • Jonathan Rentzsch
    • Bill Licea-Kane
    • Lee Barney
    • Andy Ihnatko
    • Fraser Speirs

    Bookmark this site and stay tuned as lots of others speakers, networking activities and session descriptions are added to the schedule in the coming weeks!
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