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    Apr 19, 2009

    LOL I said I wouldn't but I HAVE to get one. I got my first iphone, the 3g, in March. Didn't realise at the time there was a new one about to come out or else I would have waited. I love my iphone but video is something I use a lot, and the faster connections sound like a godsend.

    So, I'm tied into an 18 month contract with o2 and the only way I can do it is by buying a 3gs on payg and putting my contract sim in it. My other half thinks he will be getting my old 3g but I will have to sell it to recoup some of the shocking cost of the 3gs on payg.

    Anybody on here done this ? Are there any settings etc that I will have to change, or will there be any probs ?

    I've rang loads of shops and they can't get hold of the 3gs on payg so I'm thinking of ordering from the apple store online, don't know how quick they deliver though ? LOL I want it RIGHT NOW, patience is not my strong point !
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    Jun 28, 2008

    I'm Still Holding Out

    Yes, the 3GS is a compelling product. You ought to get an instant upgrade in product satisfaction if you can swing getting your 3G sold to help cover the 3GS transaction.

    Here in the USA, we can use eBay or CraigsList to sell just about anything.

    I'm sure you have something comparable in the UK.

    I have a 16GB 1st generation iPhone. I felt that I did not really need the GPS feature, or the better 3G speed (for which a higher price is assessed by AT&T) quite yet. However, I can relate to your seduction by the latest model as it does add a significantly better camera, along with video capability, still better speed--and that it is just so darn cool!

    I am really going to try to hold out until the next iPhone iteration is released in about one year.

    Pray for me.