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Discussion in 'iPhone Newbies' started by p11gt, Jun 26, 2009.

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    Jun 26, 2009

    Hi Guys

    im gonna buy a iphone 3G tomorrow from o2 however im in the early months of an expensive 18mth contract with orange so heres my querie no doubt its been asked a million times but what is the best way of getting my new iphone to work on orange?

    im gonna be starting with a brand new unused iphone 3g i hope its possible to open the iphone on the 3.0 version software the question is is the above possible???

    i know about the warrenty issues and it doesnt worry me my main worry is will it work as it should will i get signal problems? and will the apps work? does itunes work? and does apple apps work with orange?

    your help will be massivly appreciated im not asking how to do the whole process i just wanna know if i can do the above cause if i can ill be researching all day tomorrow to get me up and running with my iphone only on orange.