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    Jun 20, 2009

    I was elegible for an upgrade this past week, and because my current phone was subpar, and the iPhone 3G S wasn't out yet, I went with the Blackberry Bold.

    My reasoning was I could have a better phone for a week or so and upgrade to the iPhone 3G S within thirty days, and just need to pay the $20 restocking fee.

    The only problem is, I'm really, really enjoying the Bold, and I've never owned an iPhone. So, I was wondering if I could get answers to a few questions I have:

    1.) Is it true that you aren't able to save email attachments (with the exception of pictures) on the iPhone? (and by save, I mean actually save an .mp3, or doc, or whatever to the physical drive, not moving a message to another folder on your different email accounts, etc.)

    2.) Is there a jail break application, or anything anyone can do to add the attach function to the email interface? I know you can go to the photo album, and attach a picture via that method, but, not being able to attach files via the usual method really is a huge deal to me.

    3.) How's the battery life? On my current phone with a day (8 hours) of heavy usage (texting, emailing, listening to music) I have a little less than half charge left, which is one of the main reasons I adore it.

    4.) How's the call quality? I've heard it's questionable on the iPhone but I live in Dallas, so I don't think network coverage should be an issue. Does that make a difference?

    Please, do not take this as me bashing the iPhone. It is indeed a phenomenal device, and its browser, application store, multimedia functions and touch screen interface are second to none, but I'd really like to have the above questions answered so I can make a truly informed decision.

    Thanks in advance.