Going From jpeg to pdf Format for Photos

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    Jun 28, 2008

    So, the situation is that I am in County Courthouses reviewing ownership documents of land. Sometimes, it is necessary to refer to the plat map or aerial photo of a piece of land. However, the map/photo is an unwieldy two feet by three feet and the courthouse does not have a suitable copier to provide a copy for me and for my records.

    This is where a photo fills in the gap. Once I have the photo, I can email it to myself, place it into iPhoto (on my MacBook) to crop it and then place it onto the Desktop where I can do a Save As into pdf format.

    Then the pdf document can be added to my list of relevant documents and whoever views it in the future, can expand it and manipulate it to get the best perspective.

    Has the camera in your iPhone provided a neat solution for you, too?