New iPhone questions (Activation/Swapping SIM)

Discussion in 'iPhone Newbies' started by KurtisCummings, Apr 23, 2009.

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    Apr 23, 2009

    So the new iPhone is en route to my home now -- I have a few questions before I go activating the thing...

    I had only one rate plan with one phone (Lets identify this as 555-0000) -- the AT&T 450 anytime minutes with 5000 night & weekend minutes.

    I was not yet able to upgrade to the iPhone @ the $99.00 rate, so I just decided to get a second line.

    I had AT&T switch my rate plan to a 550 anytime minutes with Unlimited night & weekend family share plan.

    I ordered the second line (the iPhone), they have already assigned that phone a phone number (Lets ID this one as 555-1111)

    My question is this:

    When the iPhone comes in, I want it activated with my original line (555-0000), not the one that is supposedly already assigned according to the AT&T website (555-1111).

    Can I just switch the SIM cards prior to activation? Will this make the iPhone have the 555-0000 number, and my blackjack have the 555-1111 number?

    Or... will I need to go into the AT&T store, to have them switch around the account or reassign a SIM card or do whatever?

    If I have to do the latter, how much does that cost? What should I say to them?

    As I tried saying above, the only reason why I got the second line, was so that I could get the iPhone at the discounted rate of $99.00. They have already charged my CC with that amount (plus tax).

    I plan on using the BlackJack as a business line for my small business.

    Thanks for all the help! If anyone needs clarification, please let me know -- I'll be up all night.
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    May 10, 2009


    The iPhone is an internet-connected multimedia smartphone designed and marketed by Apple Inc. Its minimal hardware interface lacks a physical keyboard, so a virtual keyboard is rendered on the multi-touch screen instead. The iPhone functions as a camera phone (including text messaging and visual voicemail), a portable media player (equivalent to an iPod), and an Internet client (with email, web browsing, and local Wi-Fi connectivity). The first-generation phone hardware was quad-band GSM with EDGE; the second generation added UMTS with HSDPA.[11]

    Apple announced the iPhone on January 9, 2007,[12] after months of rumors and speculation.[13] The iPhone was introduced in the United States on June 29, 2007 before being marketed worldwide. Time magazine named it the "Invention of the Year" in 2007.[14] Released July 11, 2008, the iPhone 3G supports faster 3G data speeds and assisted GPS.[11] On March 17, 2009, Apple announced the iPhone firmware version 3.0, due to be released in mid 2009.[15]