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Discussion in 'iPhone Discussion & Support' started by MrMcJ, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. MrMcJ

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    Apr 21, 2009

    Just bought an Iphone the other day, had a friend jailbreak it for me and get me all setup with Cydia. Just today I installed an app called Categories. For those not familiar with it, it's an app that allows you to create folders to store your icons in. So I created some folders, stored my icons and was kind of torn on whether or not I liked it. I decided to uninstall it and did so successfully without receiving any errors.

    After uninstalling it however, all my folders that I created are still on my springboard. I tried reinstalling the Categories app, figuring that all I needed to do was move them out of their respective folders in the app, delete the folders and then uninstall the app again. Unfortunately now when I install the Categories app, it's not showing up anywhere on my springboard or in any of the created folders.

    Anyone have any idea how I can find the Categories app after re-installing it? Or is there another way to remove these folders I've created and basically put my springboard back to the way it was? (without completely flashing the iphone.)

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    Nov 6, 2007

    Mine is a strange situation but almost same as your situation.
    I installed Customize application from Cydia, from then I couldnt find Camera application.
    I dont even find any other free applications which offer camera functionality.
    Plz somebody help me in getting my camera back to my iphone.
    with out having camera application I cant dream my iPhone.