need help as 16Gb Iphone locked up, whilst trying to upgrade operating system on Itun

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  1. peter price

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    Apr 1, 2009

    model No.A1203

    16Gb serial No.888158EDOKH

    IMEI 01 147200 0740934
    bought it from the States May 2008 and bough ZiPhoneWIn -2.5 a few days later and unlocked it

    worked perfectly first time until this weekend when I tried to upgrade on a later Itunes version.

    Iphone locked up, whilst trying to upgrade operating system on latest version of Itunes=2 0which I had now upgraded from version 7.02.16 to 8.10.52 because it said it could upgrade the Iphone OS,
    (I still have copy of the old Itunes version)

    IPhone version was OS 1.1.4, now its OS may be halfway upgraded but will not not restore. Itunes will not complete it. It is frozen with the 'insert to Itunes' Icon!

    I have windows XP on my Computer

    When I started the upgrade it said it could not back me up , so I backed up most important info. and carried on.
    It began to restore and update,
    after some time it paused, saying:
    'simcard does not appear to be supported. Insert the one that came with phone or get another'.

    the messages were:
    preparing Iphone to res
    restoring Iphone software
    veryfying Iphone software
    veryfying Iphone firmware
    insert a valid simcard to activate.

    and then nothing else...

    I the tried my ZiphoneWin-2.5 (do-it-all)
    which gave progress as:
    phone detected
    rebooting in recovery mode,
    then kept saying entering recovery mode,

    but never did

    That about all, I hope that is enough info.

    can someone Please help