Apple Releases Firmware Update 2.2.1 - Very Minor Update

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    Apple released a small update to the iPhone firmware today in the form of 2.2.1, which was reported by sims5677 nearly two weeks ago. Apple have yet to update this on their homepage, but it is available through iTunes.
    The update includes some very minor bug fixes and improvements, the most notable are;
    Improved general stability of the
    Fixed an issue where some images saved from the were not displayed correctly in the camera roll
    WARNING - The update contains a baseband update for the iPhone 3G aswell, i have so far seen one user state that his is now reading 02.30.03, so iPhone 3G users beware, this update will almost certainly kill your unlock performed by Yellowsn0w but this, as of yet, is unconfirmed. First gen iPhone users need not worry as the baseband is no longer updated by Apple.
    Update does not block the Dev Team’s ability to Jailbreak, but it could however, prevent an iPhone 3G unlock forever. You can still use pwnage tool to create a custom IPSW though to avoid the baseband update and keep the unlock. The Dev Team has also stated that the update does not affect their ability to tether jailbreak the iPod Touch 2G but it doesn’t improve it any either, they are still working on Redsn0w.
    The same goes for all jailbreak users, so if you want to keep your iPhone/iPhone 3G jailbroken then hold off until the Dev Team releases an updated jailbreak program for both. The new update is only for the first gen iPhone and the iPhone 3G.
    So far no-one has confirmed any other updated features so it looks like this release only has the two updates. Could it be a cunning plan by Apple to throw a spanner in the works for the iPhone 3G unlock?
    It has been confirmed that the new update does not get rid of the sought after Emoji icons. All in all the general consensus is to hold off for now as there really isn’t anything to get excited about.