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Discussion in 'iPhone Discussion & Support' started by kmauryo, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. kmauryo

    kmauryo New Member

    Jan 13, 2009

    A friend just got a new iphone. He doesnt know anything nor do I, Can I send him a short video clip from You tube or Vimeo from my home computer to his new iphone with just his mobile phone# or does he have some type of iphone email adress that I need to send it?? thanks
  2. descorpio

    descorpio Well-Known Member

    Dec 6, 2008

    As far as i know... you cannot directly send the video clip from pc to the Iphone.Even if you send through mail and your friend uses his iphone to read the mail,he may need a specific third party app to read the video on the i phone
  3. calvindale

    calvindale Active Member

    Jan 12, 2009

    That would not be too easy, first of all I also think that you cannot directly send a video to the new Iphone by just using his mobile number or even if you can you really need an application to play the video or you can try converting it before sending it to the phone.