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Discussion in 'iPhone Newbies' started by streather, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. streather

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    Jan 9, 2009

    Hi, im considering buying a iphone 3G and have a couple of questions,

    1. I'm based in the uk and i remember reading that the iphone dev team released their unlocking software for the iphone recently, does anyone know the likely hood of a sim card registered on the 3 network in the uk working? (i know there's some issues getting a lot of phones working on the 3 network if they weren't originally on it)

    2. Can i use any 3.5mm headphones with it or do i have to use the ones apple provide?

    3. can you use the gps feature as a navigation tool (some phones i've seen have gps but you have to pay to use it which is kinda annoying)

    4. can i activate it at home or do i need to take it up town to the o2/carphone warehouse store to do so?

    any help is greatly appreciated guys :)


  2. Walrusaurus

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    Dec 30, 2008


    I'm not sure about a sim card on the 3 network working, but if the phone is unlocked, I don't see any reason why it wouldnt. I think you should ask at a 3 store if an unlocked phone would work on their network. and if they ask you what kind of phone, say an iphone, either the original or the 3g, shouldn't matter since they are almost exactly the same.

    You can use any 3.5mm headphones, not only the apple ones as was the case with the original iphone.

    You can use the gps to track you, and it will give you directions, but not turn-by-turn (where it announces your route) and i think it does use some of your data plan or whatever you're using for internet (although i dont think its very much)

    And you should be able to activate it at home through itunes, but you might want to ask more about that to people at stores and so on.

    Hope this helps, and good luck.
  3. attagirl2

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    Jun 21, 2007

    Looks like you go the answers to your questions. I am glad to see that your questions were answered and hopefully this help you to decide that this is the phone for you.